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With a built-in microphone and keyword detection system, this product is perfect for monitoring the safety of your loved ones.


Supports Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

Human Movement Detection

Flammable Gas Detection

Emergency Word Detection

Plugs into Electrical Outlet

Innovative safety device

Introducing D-Active, a specialized security monitoring device crafted to safeguard the well-being of elderly individuals residing independently. This intelligent and user-friendly device is for installation in seniors' homes living alone. 

With D-Active, family members or caregivers can effortlessly oversee the activities of older people and promptly receive real-time alerts during emergencies, ensuring peace of mind and immediate response when needed.

D-Active is more than a safety device for the elderly, it is a tool to promote independence, autonomy and tranquility in the elderly

D-Active provides users with the assurance of safe and independent living, offering immediate assistance during emergencies.

Key features include:

  • Detection of movement or lack thereof
  • Identification of flammable and toxic gases
  • Emergency word recognition: HELP
  • Convenient plug-in capability to electrical outlets

How it works

Alert messages are sent to the designated contacts when:

  • Carbon monoxide or flammable gases levels rise
  • No movement is detected within the specified timeframe
  • The word "help" is spoken
  • Dimensions:

    110mm x 110mm x 40mm

  • Weight:


  • Model:

    D-Active DA23.1.0

  • Warranty:

    3 years

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